It is the mission of ProCare to provide professional, high quality prosthetic and orthotic service in a caring environment which is responsive to the needs of patients, family, staff and medical care providers.

Welcome to ProCare


ProCare-Prosthetic Care, Inc. was established in 1995 by Stephen and Mariamne Schulte. The ProCare business idea took shape when Stephen began to see the need for a more patient-centered care environment. From the very beginning, he focused on increasing patient involvement and patient satisfaction, and as a result, the lives of patients were improved.

With a patient-centered focus, this husband and wife team (along with their staff) is dedicated to providing the highest quality, personalized care to each patient and their families.

Since its opening, ProCare has expanded to multiple locations throughout Georgia. Today, ProCare continues to grow in order to better serve the medical community and its patients.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Care You Can Trust

As a doctor you need to know your patient’s needs are well met. As a patient you need to know you come first. The bottom line is you need a prosthetics and orthotics family you can trust and rely on.

ProCare’s professional staff focuses on a team approach to rehabilitation and is dedicated to the optimal fit. What sets ProCare apart from other providers is personalized care driven by the patient’s needs: listening to each concern, educating and involving you in the process and tirelessly working until the patient, family and doctor are not just comfortable but satisfied. After all, you expect and deserve nothing less.

Scott RigsbyScott Rigsby
“The team at ProCare has helped me achieve the unthinkable- they helped me become the first bilateral amputee to complete the Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. Through persistence and constant innovation, they have helped me to complete the Ironman not just once, but twice. ProCare and the Scott Rigsby Foundation have partnered together to help enable individuals with loss of limb or mobility to live a healthy, active lifestyle”
Mike W.Mike W.
"When I lost my leg, other prosthetic providers told me there were things I would never be able to do again and the sooner I accepted it the better off I would be. ProCare told me that together we could do anything I wanted ... Today, I walk well enough that even most of the people I work with don't know I'm an amputee. I have a wake board ... and have achieved a 12 handicap in golf."
Ken SawyerKen Sawyer
“I have been an above-knee amputee since 1960. In that time, I have seen almost every type and style of device. ProCare has helped me navigate the changes in technology to help me maintain the active lifestyle that I have known since losing my leg at 18 years of age. Today, I am able to enjoy active time with my grandchildren, fishing with my family and tending my garden. ProCare is continuing to make things possible for me and ultimately my quality of life”
Melissa WhidbyMelissa Whidby
In 2014, Melissa was the tragic victim of a hit and run accident. After being critically injured and eight surgeries later, Melissa became a below-the-knee amputee. Melissa has shown tremendous strength and bravery during this life-altering event and is now ambulatory again. "ProCare has helped me turn this tragic accident into a positive learning experience. They helped me recognize my true potential and strength. I now know my abilities are not limited by my circumstances and I believe that my future is still full of endless possibilities."


ProCare welcomes the opportunity to hear from you. Please feel free to send an email or call us at (770) 271-5581.


ProCare is dedicated to complete patient care. We have addressed the needs of our out-of-town patients by partnering with Marriott. Marriott provides our patients and their families with complimentary shuttle service... learn more